Zinc alloys

The company LLC PKF "INSSTAL′" produces zinc-aluminium alloys:

ЦА4о - for casting under pressure of critical parts with stable size;
ЦА4о - for casting under pressure of uncritical parts with stable size;
Цам4-10 - for casting under pressure of especially critical parts;
Цам4-1 - for casting under pressure of critical parts; Цам4-1B - for casting under pressure of uncritical parts (souvenirs, consumer goods);
ЦАМ 4-3;
ЦА 04;
ЦА 10 for hot dip galvanized steel strip, sheet, wire.

Zinc-based alloys (GOST 19424-97)

Zinc alloy application fields

  • Zinc alloys are widely used in automotive industry
    for casting parts of carburettors, pumps, speedometers,
    radiator grills, hydraulic brake parts;
  • and in other industries like consumer electronics for casting different parts, frames and re-bars.

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Production and commercial firm "INSSTAL"
Address: Bld. 32, Ul. Eniseyskaya, 454010, Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation.

Reception: +7 (351) 259-75-21
Powder Sales Department: +7 (351) 259-75-24, (351) 259-75-22
Department of Sales of zinc alloys: +7 (351) 259-75-00
Supply Department: +7 (351) 259-75-17

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Saturday and Sunday - closed
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