We buy waste of zinc production

The Company LLC PKF "INSSTAL" buys on a permanent basis in any volume zinc dross, hard zinc, zinc scraps, zinc shavings, scums of ЦАМА, dies, scums of zinc, air molds and other molds, zinc oxide, waste of dust and gas removal systems with content of zinc and other materials containing zinc. The purchase is done on the LME Quotation.

The price for the work is the price in the line "CASH SELLER & SETTLEMENT".

Zinc scraps
Zinc 8 GOST 1639-2009
Zinc shavings
Zinc 9 GOST 1639-2009
Zinc dross
Zinc 11,12 GOST 1639-2009
Hard zinc
Zinc 10 GOST 1639-2009

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Production and commercial firm "INSSTAL"
Address: Bld. 32, Ul. Eniseyskaya, 454010, Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation.

Reception: +7 (351) 259-75-21
Powder Sales Department: +7 (351) 259-75-24, (351) 259-75-22
Department of Sales of zinc alloys: +7 (351) 259-75-00
Supply Department: +7 (351) 259-75-17

Open Monday thru Friday from 9.00 to 17.00
Saturday and Sunday - closed
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